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Gino B., Fairfax HS

I made it a habit to continuously refer to every coach i've had as "coach" even after I was not associated under their guidance any longer. I'm sure many other basketball players have picked up this habit and Coach Ali reinforces 'why'. Coaches can have a life-long lasting impact on their players, they are more than just sports coordinators, they are role models, motivators, dedicated long-time friends, all of which Coach Ali is. Through thick and thin, early-morning Saturday conditioning sessions, weight training, and practicing plays, Coach Ali was there with us in the trenches, in every play, sweating and drilling us into the ground. He believed in the potential of every player no matter the skill-gap and meticulously extracted and fine tuned their strengths, holding everyone up to the same standard. 


Cole K., Stuart HS

Coach Ali was one of the most knowledgeable and professional coaches I had the pleasure to play for. Even during the toughest times he was able to maintain a positive attitude, while still being an affective leader. He had knowledge about all things basketball, from leading film study, to working with the post players, the perimeter players, or working on our defense as a team. 


Edwuin A., Fairfax HS

Shaun Ali, better known as “Coach,” to others has been a huge motivator for me as a teenager. I was first introduced to Coach Shaun my freshmen year of high school basketball; and instantly I sensed this was going to be a great season. From the beginning, he encouraged us to push our limits to the full extent in a positively manner. Aside from making us better basketball players, he taught us important life lessons that we should contribute daily — as simple as opening a door for the individual behind you. In other words, not only does Coach Shaun have a great basketball IQ, he backs it up with a even greater persona. 


David M., Stuart HS

Coach Ali changed the way I viewed the game of basketball. I came in as a player who excelled in certain aspects of my game such as passing and defense, but was extremely deficient in other aspects my game such as shooting and dribbling. After two years of working Coach Ali and the Stuart staff I found myself as a much more well rounded player who ended up receiving first team all conference honors my junior and senior year. Those accolades would not have been possible without Coach Ali’s guidance and knowledge. He pushed me every single day at practice to be better. He created new and challenging drills that pushed me. I owe all of my basketball knowledge and skill to Coach Ali without him I wouldn’t be half the player I am today.


John R., Fairfax HS

Definition of a players coach. Regardless of whether you are the best player or a role player off the bench, Shaun always coaches and develops every player with the same intensity and passion. Players enjoy playing for him because he relates extremely well on and off the court. Really taught players how to think the game along with developing skill sets, especially on the defensive end of the floor. Overall one of the best coaches I’ve ever had and not only made me and many others much better players, but made the game fun and easy going for all levels of players. 


Aaron W., Fairfax HS

I was fortunate enough to be coached by Shaun my junior and senior year of high school. His dedication to our team, and to myself as an individual, forced me to improve both on and off the court. I distinctively remember Shaun handled each situation our team faced, strategically and with extreme poise. He also capitalized on every opportunity to teach. I didn’t realize it in the moment but a lot of what Shaun taught me has rippled throughout my adulthood. I use the characteristics that I learned during those years every day- things such as resilience and adaptability to navigate tough situations and adversity. Anyone who is fortunate to be coached by Shaun is extremely lucky and already ahead of their peers.


Joey B., Fairfax HS

Coach Shaun Ali is an ardent student of the game. He understands the fluidity of the game and is an expert in individual development for players at any level. He opened my eyes to work on things like defense that I would've never learned on my own. He can break down any player at any level and make concepts simple to understand for players to improve. I wouldn't be the player I was without his crystallized wisdom, patience, and candor he treated me with. Nobody studies the game more than Coach Ali. He is very enthusiastic and willing to spread his knowledge and time to anyone looking to become the best player they can be.

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