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We’re the coaching help you’ve been waiting for.

Our team serves as experts for your teams and players by watching your games and/or your opponents. We provide independent, expert analysis by watching every game, practice, or session and provide written or audio feedback to power player development and provide a competitive advantage to your program at both the individual and team levels.

ABOUT Hoops consultant

As basketball players must have both offensive and defensive skills to be successful, they also must have both physical and mental skills. Before a player’s game can improve, they must first understand how that improvement is supposed to happen. Basketball is no different than any other skill, athletic or otherwise, in that experience and repetition are the best teachers. Every possession, (and every shot, dribble, pass, defensive rotation, close out, box out, etc.) is a repetition that should be stored in to memory and learned from, be it good or bad. Whether a team is hoping to improve their collective offensive and defensive abilities or an individual player is aiming to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, a thorough film session is critical.



our mission in basketball

Meet our Founder

Shaun Ali is a life-long basketball student, coach, and teacher with over 20 years of experience as a player, trainee, coach, player trainer, coach trainer, referee, and scout. He has coached high school basketball, trained players of all ages and skill levels, conducted “train-the-trainer” programs for coaches, and was hired by the NBA in 2013 to run youth camps and train coaches abroad.

Shaun specializes in providing meticulous breakdowns of individual and team game films to be used for immediate and long-term improvement. These breakdowns consist of the most minute details and high-level takeaways and have proven successful with players of all skill levels.

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